Ducting Coolers

Ducting Coolers are also know as Ductable Evaporative Coolers. Ducting Coolers provide Most Efficient & Cost Effective Cooling Solution for Industries, Factories, Spinning Mills, Textile Mills, Rice Mills, Cashew Factories, Convention Centers, Movie Theatres, Fabric industry, Warehouses etc. Ducting Coolers consume very low power, as result your Power Bill will be reduced.



C2India Impex is one of the leading supplier of Ducting Coolers in India. We provide best quality complete Cooling Solution to your project. Ductable air Coolers consume very low power when compared to Air Conditioners. Ducting Evaporative Coolers are Environmental friendly in nature & are efficient Power Savers.


Ducting Industrial Coolers

Ducting Evaporative Cooler


Commercial Evaporative Cooler


Evaporative Cooler


Factory Evaporative Cooler


Industrial Evaporative Cooler


Ductable Evaporative Cooler


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Duct Evaporative Coolers

Here are some of our Projects installed with Ducting Coolers, Industrial Coolers & Commercial Coolers. These Ducting Coolers can be installed by wall mounted, Roof Top, Side discharge & Up/Top Discharge.

Ducting Cooler in India

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